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Spring is an awakening season. It's a colorful floral season with a beautiful nature. Because the winter is over, your complexion is still pale, but some colors won't harm anybody.  If you don't know which are the latest trends, don't worry, we can help you.     - Put a bright color on your eyes. In spring we wear bright colors.  This look is for the braver ones. You should use extreme colors to achieve it, such as fuchsia, purple, eccentric blue, eccentric green or yellow.  You only need an eye shadow palette with such colors. You don't have to...

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To enjoy the sun in spring and to have a healthy and glowing problem - free skin, you should also use cosmetics which are recommended for the skin's state in spring. Because the skin is more sensitive in spring, you need to exfoliate it, nourish it and protect it from the harmful UV rays.     - A hydrating cream. The hydrating cream is first on this list because it's a must - have product for this spring. Actually, it would be a lot better if you use a day cream and a night cream. Both of them should be...

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In order to have a glowing skin, you need to nourish it. The skin must be always hydrated, needs vitamins and minerals so it can proceed with the natural process of renewal.  You need to use essential oils and other organic and natural products and you need to have a diet in order to maintain your skin in good conditions.     - Hydrate the skin. The constant hydration is very important in order to have a healthy skin. The water detoxifies the skin, which is very important for the renewal process. The dehydration can cause skin and body diseases. It's...

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The spring is on its way and the first sun rays are already here.  Because every season is different, the skin needs a different type of care. In winter the skin is drier, because of the cold weather and in spring there are different challenges for the skin, such as the spring allergies which cause redness on the skin.     - The skin is more sensitive in spring. The cold and windy weather is over, but the skin is more sensitive in spring than in winter. The sun shines brighter in spring. The air is different because of the...

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Everyone has had at least once a situation when the night was short and the morning after, the skin was gray and dull.  The smoking and the alcohol are the second reason for having a gray and dull skin. The third reason for having a gray and dull skin is the pollution and the stress of the everyday life.  Maybe for somebody a gray and dull skin is a normal skin condition and you have accepted the situation as it is. But no. A gray and a dull skin is not a healthy skin.     - Find the good...

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