Why Vinegar works best for removing tan?

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Why Vinegar works best for removing tan?

At this time of the year, there isn’t anyone that doesn’t like to enjoy the sunlight. But, the Ultraviolet sun rays have harsh effects on the skin that can often cause sunburns, itchiness, pigmentation, rashes and tanning. This last one can cause the skin to look dark and patchy with a lot of sensitivity, itchiness and burning sensations. Tanning is more common for people with sensitive and fair skin. Therefore, walking out without a good sunscreen lotion is a bad idea.

While there are a lot of beauty products on the market, the easiest way of removing the tan is the use of the vinegar found in our kitchens. Being a multi-purpose ingredient, vinegar also is proved to be one of the best natural skin tan removers.

That’s why, let us discuss why vinegar works best for removing tan.

Vinegar is a natural ingredient that has natural citric acid which can help in removing the tan naturally. And just like the lemon, the vinegar is a great ingredient that can help remove tan that is caused by the frequent exposure of the skin to the sunlight. As it is mild on the skin it can be dabbed in a cotton pad and directly used on the skin for removing the tan. Vinegar has also astringent properties that can help the skin return its natural pH balance and hence fight with a lot of skin problems such as: skin infections and skin allergies. It works best for acne prone skin and can cure it from within. Its anti-ageing properties can make it a perfect ingredient for all the face packs for reducing the signs of ageing i.e. wrinkles, fine lines and loose skin problems. It can also fight with the dark spots, light spots, patching and even eczema. Its properties can help maintain a clearer skin without any marks or scars. Additionally, vinegar is a natural cleanser and can be used for cleaning the skin on a daily basis. And the best part of all is that it acts as the best skincare natural ingredient easily available in any kitchen.