Which lipstick color for an anti – aging effect?

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Which lipstick color for an anti – aging effect?

Today there are a lot of different lipstick colors. Everybody can make a choice from the variety of different lipsticks – which is actually the real problem. When we have a variety of products, we don’t know what should we choose.

Regarding the lipstick colors, we can’t choose our favorite lipstick color. We should choose the color which will rejuvenate our face.



  • The lip liner is a must! As years pass, the lips become thinner. This is why you need to make the more mature lips look bigger. The lip liner serves to define and enlarge the lips.

After defining them, you need to color them with the lip liner.

Regarding the lip liner’s color, it should be the same as the lipstick’s color.


  • The darker lipstick shades should be avoided. The darker lipstick shades visually make the lips look thinner. This is why you need to avoid the darker shades of lipstick, like the burgundy lipstick.

To rejuvenate the lips visually, you need to use a lighter lipstick, such as rose lipstick.


  • The red lipsticks make your lips look thinner and older. Yes, we know that the red lipstick is a classic, but, unfortunately, all of the red lipsticks are not recommended for a mature skin. If the red lipstick used to be your favorite one, now, you can change it with an orange, peach, apricot or coral lipstick.


  • What kind of lipstick structure should I use? To rejuvenate the lips visually, you need to use a glossy or a creamy lipstick and you need to avoid the matte lipsticks. The glow rejuvenates the lips visually.


  • Use a highlighter. Because the glow rejuvenates the lips and the skin visually, we advise you to also use a highlighter. You should apply a highlighter on the part between the lips and the nose.


What is the most important is how you actually feel about yourself. If your spirit is young, you will look young. You should feel good in your skin.