When is the right time for the anti – aging products?

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When is the right time for the anti – aging products?


Normally, the right time for the anti – aging products is from the age of 25. But, a lot of women don’t start using the anti – aging products at 25, as they don’t feel old and because they don’t have visible aging marks.

Because the age is just a number, the body stars giving aging signs. So, what are those signs and when is the right time to start using anti – aging products?



  • The first wrinkles. The first signs of the skin aging are the wrinkles and sometimes the spots, because the spots are normal for the more mature skin. So, we can say that the wrinkles are the first sign of the skin aging. From this moment on, you can star using anti – aging creams and essential oils that have repairing and nourishing characteristics.


  • Protect the skin from the premature aging. Unfortunately, the premature aging is very common today. In order to avoid it, we must protect the skin from the factors that cause it. The main factors that cause the premature aging are the following: the UV rays, the stress, the cigarettes, the alcohol, the pollution and some foods. There is a solution for every factor. To protect the skin from the UV rays, you have to use sunscreens and eat foods rich in beta – carotene. To protect the skin from the stress, you have to do exercises and find a time just for you. You have to avoid the cigarettes, the alcohol and several foods that accelerate this process. You need to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and you need to use creams and oils that nourish the skin profoundly.


If we can stop the premature aging, we can prolong the use of the anti – aging products.


  • We should use products based on hyaluronic acid from the age of 20. The hyaluronic acid is a part of the human body. This is why the hyaluronic acid is a part of a lot of cosmetics.

To avoid the premature aging and to have a glowing skin, it is recommended to use those products from the age of 20.


Sometimes, the aging and the skin condition depends on the genes, but, we should always take a good care of the skin, in order to have a glowing skin.