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The hot pink lipstick looks good on everybody. But, because it's a specific color, sometimes it is difficult to decide what eye shadow and what blush to wear with it. Because it's a brave color (but not as brave as the red lipstick), you are a real fashionista if you wear it.     - Smokey eyes. This lipstick color goes very well with smokey eyes. This look attracts attention so not everybody can wear it.  It's a winning combination if you want to avoid a classical look (a red lipstick with a black eyeliner). It's a modern look if...

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The Valentine's Day has almost arrived and you don't know which lipstick to wear. It doesn't matter if you are taken or single and how are you gonna celebrate it, we have made a small list of lipsticks which are trending at the moment. Even if you're single, it is possible that you find your soulmate.     - Fuchsia lipstick. The fuchsia is the color that marked the 2018, but it also stayed in 2019. Even if you wear black classic clothes, this color will look perfect with them.    - Red lipstick. Ah the red lipstick. It's the classic...

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Every person looks differently: a different hair color, a different complexion color, big eyes, small lips, full lips... The makeup is an art. We can't just put whatever on the face. To makeup your lips like a pro, you need to pay attention to all the details: the color of your clothes and their style, the complexion, the hair color, if you want to make your eyes look bigger or if you want to make your lips look bigger.  You need to know in the first place what do you want to emphasize. We have some tips on how to...

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After the mascara, the lipstick is an essential product for every woman.Today there are a lot of companies which produce different kinds of lipsticks. There are matte, glossy, or liquid lipsticks.We are able to find any lipstick color we dream of.But, the companies don't use natural products and test their products on animals.It is always a better idea to make your own homemade lipstick.     - Matte lipstick. The matte lipstick is always a good idea for the persons who don't wear glossy lipsticks. This recipe is for a red lipstick.To create 4 lipsticks you will need: *10 g of...

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There really are a lot of eyeshadow colors. But there are also a lot of lipstick colors. So, sometimes it is difficult to know which lipstick with which eyeshadow should you pair. How to know if the choice of the colors is good?     Violet eyeshadows. The violet eyeshadows look very good on brown eyes. Those shades are for the braver ones because the violet is an eccentric color when it comes to makeup. The nude and the red lipstick make the perfect pair with the violet eyes. The nude lipstick is good with any eye combination, but the...

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