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It's all about nourishing the skin so that it looks amazing without make-up, and the focuse is on health, hydration and a preferred lack of pigment - as opposed to our sun-ravaged aspirations. It's the K-beauty revolution - defined with glass skin, snail slime, morphing masks, bee venom, moisturizing starfish extract, pig collagen, and everything in between. Some might say that K-Beauty is the secret to looking youthful. But, what exactly is the K-Beauty? K-Beauty is a term for skin-care products that derive from South Korea. The Korean girls beauty aesthetic is so different than ours and so concentrated on...

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  We are already familiar with ‘’glass skin’’ and ‘’honey skin’’ but there is one more routine, the newest ‘’cloudless skin’’. It comes from Korea and it is the most popular skincare routine for 2018. While honey skin and glass skin were centered around achieving a hydrated and healthy complexion, the cloudless skin is about clear, bright and discoloration-free skin as a sunny sky. The cloudless skin is more about healthy skin rather than its appearance. It is, in fact, more a way of life than a trend.   The cloudless skin does not happen overnight. It is an overall...

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  Have you ever wondered why Korean women have beautiful and young-looking skin at any age? This country is already well-known for its beauty and skincare products and the different techniques, but it seems that Korean women have a lot of tips and secrets for glowing, radiant and youthful skin that makes every woman in the world admire. Well, if you are curious about their skincare routine continue reading and understand more. Double-cleansing is a must. The Koreans believe that cleansing is the key for a radiant skin. No one in this country washes its face just once. Double- cleansing...

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