STOP disturbing your skin!

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STOP disturbing your skin!

Are you among those who believe that a product isn’t really “working” unless you can feel it doing something to your skin? Well, you’re whole wrong! If you feel a sensation like tingling, warming, stinging, tightening, burning, etc., it means you’re DISRUPTING your skin!!! What you actually feel is your skin’s SOS signal asking for help.

Here it is how the process goes: Your skin barrier acts like a “brick wall” for your skin, keeping the moisture in and the irritants out. So, when you do use a product that’s too harsh for your skin, the wall breaks, and all of the water evaporates, resulting in rashly, red, irritated, broken-out, dry, dull, flaky skin with tight, squeaky-clean feeling.

If you don’t know if the product you use is harsh on your skin or not, try this simple test: If you wash and dry your face and leave it alone for 15 minutes, it should still feel completely plump and moisturized, without any signs of tightness, dryness, or shine. Оtherwise you’re using a cleanser that’s too harsh for your skin. Additionally, sheet, clay and charcoal masks can be also harsh, especially for those with dry and sensitive skin. And those black peel-off masks? They will just peel off the top layer of your skin, without doing anything for your blackheads.

So, if you want to have super awesome skin, read the labels on the skincare products before buying, and run from anything that contains sodium lauryl sulfates – SLS. Also, beware of anything that has “cooling”, “spicy” or “energizing” effects, because those sensations usually are a result of damaging ingredients, that can hide real side effects, like burning or stinging. And finally, stay away from any product that has citrus fruit in it, as it is too harsh for any skin type.