'Slugging'- the new skincare technique!

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'Slugging'- the new skincare technique!


From ten-steps cleansing routine to masks, moisturizers, toners and serums with unique and unusual ingredients, we can say that Korean people are big on skincare. If you are fan of their beauty routines and cosmetic products then you already know that all that comes from Korea can definitely make your skin beautiful and flawless like never before.  And the latest trend that is coming from there is called ‘slugging’ which has nothing to do with slugs but it is supposed to give you smooth, supple, hydrated and glowing skin with a simple technique. The trend is so popular right now because it can give you the best results in an easy way. Here is how it actually works:

The trick is that you don’t need to change a thing in your skin care routine. First, prepare your skin by following your night skin care routine. After your face is cleaned and you have applied the moisturizer, you also apply an amount of petroleum jelly on your face. In fact, the petroleum jelly forms a film on the skin and prevents loss of water. This technique promises to hold the moisture and leave your skin as soft as never before.

One important thing about this technique is that it works only when you have super dry, moderately dry or normal skin. If your skin is sensitive, acne prone or oily, the petroleum jelly will only clog your pores and you will end up with more breakouts. So if your skin is oily you can choose a non-comedogenic moisturizer (moisturizer that will not clog your pores) and combine it with a hydrating serum to have that soft and smooth skin which you have always wanted.

Don't think twice and incorporate this Korean technique into your skin care routine, you will definitely love the results.