Restore the radiance of your skin

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Restore the radiance of your skin

Everyone has had at least once a situation when the night was short and the morning after, the skin was gray and dull. 

The smoking and the alcohol are the second reason for having a gray and dull skin.

The third reason for having a gray and dull skin is the pollution and the stress of the everyday life. 

Maybe for somebody a gray and dull skin is a normal skin condition and you have accepted the situation as it is. But no. A gray and a dull skin is not a healthy skin.



- Find the good skin care for your skin type. In order to avoid having a gray skin, you need to find the good skin care for your skin type. This means that you need to exfoliate the face, cleanse it and use nourishing face creams. The face treatments do half of the work for your face skin. 


- Improve the microcirculation. Having a good microcirculation means having a glowing skin. The microcirculation can help you get rid of the wrinkles naturally. So how to improve it? It is sufficient to massage the face for 2 minutes. Everybody can find 2 minutes and your skin will be thankful. 


- Vitamins to save the skin. The vitamin based serums and creams can help you restore the radiance of your skin. The vitamin C based serums are perfect for the mature skin and for an anti - aging care and the creams based on fruit acids are essential for everybody. The skin must be well nourished in order to have good results. 


- The honey, your beauty ally. The honey is the main ingredient of many homemade facial masks. The honey can save any skin type, because it has an anti - inflammatory effect and it hydrates the skin profoundly. The honey erases the acne scars.

To restore the radiance of your skin, you can put 2 soup spoons of honey on your face as a face mask. It really is your own miracle for the face. 


You have to take good care of your skin, because it's the biggest organ.