No body odor, no problem...

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No body odor, no problem...

There is nothing worse than the body odor. No matter how much time you’ve spent in making your hair perfect and your make up flawless, and the dress and those sexy shoes… but, everything might be ruined if you start to sweat in the middle of the party…

So, to avoid these unpleasant situations we’ve prepared a few recipes that can help you overcome this problem.

First of all, wear cotton made clothes, especially in the hot period and avoid tight and synthetic clothes, because they do not allow the skin to breathe. Wear loose airy clothes that allow air circulation, thereby keeping the skin cool.

Showering on a daily basis is a must! No mater how tired or lazy you are and how much time will it take, having a bath is necessary. Add some fragrance and fragrant oil to your bath water, it will keep the body odour away and make your skin soft and supple.

Several herbs like rosemary, leaves of chrysanthemum, lovage, celery and parsley are very helpful in combating body odor. All can be made into a tea, which can then be used as a wash. Or you can make a wonderful herb-based homemade deodorant…

Also, you have to watch what you eat. Avoid strong smelling garlic and onion-based foods. You will be surprised but, such foods do affect your body. Start to drink cooling drinks besides plain water. Include plenty of salads and fruits, green vegetables are a natural deodorizer and green salads will refresh and clean your skin. Celery, parsley, sage, rosemary and lovage should also be included frequently in the diet.

Here is one old-fashioned recipe that is worth trying.

  • 1 rind of lemon
  • 250 ml milk
  • 3 drops of camphor oil

Warm the milk and put the lemon rind in it. After 10-15 minutes add the camphor oil and drink it before going to bed.