Mineral makeup for calm and soothing skin

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Mineral makeup for calm and soothing skin

When it comes to mineral makeup, anti-inflammatory and skin-soothing properties are inevitable. Zinc oxide and iron oxide, both of which are part of mineral makeup are responsible for a calm and soothing skin. Zinc oxide acts as an antioxidant and iron oxide gives the perfect color. Other minerals such as talc and titanium dioxide which are micronized, or ground and milled, into tiny particles are also present in the mineral makeup. These minerals are kind to the skin, they are hypoallergenic, and appropriate for all skin types. They add glow and shimmer to foundations and concealers and give the skin a luminous look by covering imperfections. These are also an anti-inflammatory, and help soothe and calm the irritated skin.

Mineral makeup doesn’t contain emollient oils and waxes, fragrance, and preservative ingredients that can be found in conventional formulations. There also aren’t any chemicals, perfumes, or preservatives added. Mineral products are preservative-free, and since they have very low odor they don’t cause irritations. The anti-irritating ingredients like zinc can be soothing to inflammation and can clear up acne and pimples, which can be caused by many factors, including changes in hormone levels.

This type of make-up is often recommended after chemical or laser peels because it is soothing and gentle to the skin that may be irritated after such a procedure. It is also safe and appropriate for sensitive skin and skin prone to allergies, gluten sensitivities, and other issues as it won’t dry out and irritate the skin.

Another thing about the mineral makeup is that it acts as a sunscreen and can protect the skin from sun damage. It actually acts as a barrier between the skin and the harsh free radicals, while still letting the skin to breathe. Plus is safe for the environment, too.