Make yourself an appointment this weekend with some of these natural face scrubs!

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Make yourself an appointment this weekend with some of these natural face scrubs!

As we age, our skin's ability to shed off the dead skin starts to decrease. That’s why it is very important to get rid of old, dry and dead skin cells on a regular basis if we want to maintain a radiant, younger looking skin. One of the best ways to achieve glowing skin is through exfoliation.

There are many products that promise to give us a glowing skin but, most of them contain chemicals that may have an adverse effect on the skin in the long run. So, it's best to turn to natural exfoliating agents as much as possible.

We’ve discovered some of the best natural exfoliators that we should use regularly.

  • COFFEE SCRUB  acts as an excellent exfoliator. The coffee granules can remove dead skin cells and toxins and increase blood flow, which is essential for achieving a glowing skin.


  • YOGURT SCRUB  can hydrate and exfoliate the skin, while making it smooth. Its lactic acid helps to even out the skin tone too. By applying plain yogurt will help bring back the glow on the face.


  • BAKING SODA SCRUB  provides the right balance of soft and coarse skin texture. It contains enough granules to shed the dead skin cells away, leaving a fresh and glowing skin.


  • SUGAR SCRUB  boosts new skin cell production and gives a smooth and soft effect. The sugar granules are one of the best natural skin exfoliators. 


  • OATMEAL SCRUB  is a natural exfoliator that has anti-inflammatory properties and further acts as a natural moisturizer. Oatmeal is great for sensitive skin when applied along with honey in order to remove dead skin cells.


  • PAPAYA SCRUB  helps dissolve old, dead skin cells without harming the new ones beneath. It is also believed that this fruit helps heal the skin and prevents the formation of spots and fine lines.


So, go get your favorite ingredient and make an appointment in your bathroom this weekend!