How to prevent the wrinkles on the hands and how to rejuvenate the hands?

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How to prevent the wrinkles on the hands and how to rejuvenate the hands?

The skin on the hands is specific and is more sensitive than the skin on the other parts of the body.

We should also take a good care of the hands’ skin, especially in winter when they are very dry.

The hands are not immune to a skin aging and very often there are wrinkles on the hands of the younger ones.

We have the best tricks on how to protect and rejuvenate the hands.



  • Use products based on hyaluronic acid. Just like the face skin, the hands skin has a need of a specific care.

The first signs of aging – the wrinkles and the spots are also visible on the hands.

You should use hand creams based on hyaluronic acid, which is already present in the human body and which can rejuvenate the skin.


  • Get rid of the brown spots. Because the brown spots are a sign of skin aging, you should get rid of them naturally. To get rid of them, you will need lemon juice and 1 soupspoon of sugar. You mix the ingredients in order to obtain a homogenous paste. You should use a bowl. You massage the hands with this paste and you let it sit for half an hour. You wash it with a lukewarm water afterwards.


  • The vitamin C is essential to rejuvenate the hands. It is well known that the vitamin C rejuvenates the skin. This is why there are serums and creams based on vitamin C. You can use the same serum that you use for the face to nourish the hands. You can also add a vitamin C in your hand cream.


  • Nourish the hands. We should nourish the hand in summer and in winter. In winter the hands are drier than usual. If we nourish the hands, they will be well hydrated. A dehydrated skin has a tendency of looking older than it is. So, it is essential to nourish the hands. To nourish them you can use a shea butter.


You should take care of your hands just like you take care of your face skin.