How to clean your makeup brushes?

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How to clean your makeup brushes?

It is very important to clean your makeup brushes, not only because you will use different colors and you don’t want to mix them, but also because the makeup brushes can be full of bacteria which can cause skin irritations, acne and other diseases on the skin of your face.



  • What should we use to clean them? To clean the makeup brushes you should use a very mild shampoo and a lukewarm water. There are also specific products that are used to clean the makeup brushes which are not washable. You are able to buy them in a special makeup store. But, you can also use natural products to clean them.


  • The procedure of washing: You need to be careful in order not to damage the brushes. Normally, the makeup brushes are gentle and you risk losing their hair.


The procedure has several steps:


  • You wet the brush with a warm water.
  • You put a mild shampoo in a bowl with a lukewarm water. You need to wash the brush in the bowl.
  • You wash the brush again with a lukewarm water to remove the shampoo.
  • You leave the brush on a towel so it can dry out.


  • Other ways to clean the makeup brushes. The procedure with the mild shampoo is the easiest and the most used one. But, there are also other ways to clean the makeup brushes:


  • Clean the makeup brush with a vinegar. You add a lukewarm water in a bowl. You add a soft cleansing gel and vinegar. You wash the brush in the bowl. In another bowl, you add only vinegar. You rinse the brush again in the second bowl.


  • Clean the makeup brushes with a special spray. To clean the makeup brushes on a daily basis, you need to use a special spray for cleaning makeup brushes. You spray the brushes each time after use.


You need to clean the makeup brushes once a week. If you wash your makeup brushes regularly, they will last longer.