Everything you need to know about the cakey face and how to avoid it

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Everything you need to know about the cakey face and how to avoid it

Either you or someone you know have had a cakey face at least once.

The person who has a lot of face powder which doesn’t look good on this person (the color is not right; the structure is not good for this person etc.) it is called a cakey face.

With our advices you can avoid the cakey face or you can advise your close ones to avoid it.



  • What’s a successful makeup? A successful makeup is makeup that makes your face look beautiful visually. This means that the face powder should be ‘invisible’. The persons with a cakey face have a lot of face powder which doesn’t correspond with their complexion by color nor by structure.

To have a beautiful complexion with makeup, you should follow two rules:


  • Hydrate the skin. A dehydrated skin means tired and grey skin. We can’t apply a face powder without hydrating the skin before. Your skin should be hydrated at all times and not only with a face cream. You should exfoliate the face regularly, you should use essential oils and you should do facials. The best makeup is a beautiful complexion. If you have a beautiful skin you don’t have to use a lot of makeup.


  • Use face powders with light structure. The face powders which cover a lot and which are from the category of a heavy makeup, have a tendency to give a cakey face. To avoid them, you can use either a BB or a CC cream, which have a light structure and are very hydrating.

You should also pay attention to the structure of the face powder. If you have an oily skin, you should use matte face powders and if you have a normal skin, you should use hydrating face powders based on minerals.


If you don’t know how to find the best face powder for you, consult the employee in the shop. This person can help you with the color and with the structure of the face powder.