Daily skincare routine for busy women

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Daily skincare routine for busy women

Because life is sometimes very busy, we don't always have the time to take care of our skin. If we don't take care of our skin, the consequences are obvious. 

We should all find the time to take care of our skin, but if you are not able to, all of you can find only 5 minutes every morning to regenerate the skin. 



- 1 minute for a refreshing thermal water spray. You wake up, you wash your face, but in order to waken the skin up, you need to use a refreshing thermal water spray, because this water is different than the tap water. This type of water contains minerals which are very beneficial for every skin type and which fight the premature aging.


- 1 minute for a vitamin C serum. After you have put a mineral water, now you can proceed with a vitamin C serum. This serum will nourish the skin and will have an anti - aging effect thanks to the vitamin C.


- 1 minute for the daily face cream. You have enriched the skin, so now is the time to hydrate it. You put the daily face cream which you use regularly. 

If you don't know which cream to use, you should choose it according to the skin type or to find a cream which is applicable for every skin type. 


- 1 minute for the food supplements. Because the vitamins stay in the organism for one day only, you need to renew them every day. Not only that the vitamins strengthen the immune system of the organism, but they also strengthen the immune system of the skin. 


- 1 minute for the daily dose of a fruit juice. In order to have a healthy skin, we should also take care of what we eat. So every morning you need to drink a fruit juice which is rich with vitamins and which makes your skin soft.


If you respect our example for a daily face routine, you won't have to put make up, but if you're a makeup lover, than you can put either a BB or a CC cream instead of a face powder.