A good care twice a day will give shiny skin all the way

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A good care twice a day will give shiny skin all the way

If you want to look like you’ve slept a full nine hours with totally rested and ready-to-do-anything look even if that's legitimately impossible, then you’ll have to add some of these smart habits in your skin care regimen.

First, before going to sleep, you’ll have to focus on moisturizing your skin. Use a hyaluronic acid, then follow up with a night serum packed with alpha-hydroxy acid - AHA, then use an eye cream, and finally apply an overnight moisturizer to lock it all in. Additionally, it’s not a bad idea to start using a silk pillowcase as it can help keep your skin soft and smooth and minimize any extra irritation on your face.

Second, the skin care around the eye area is very important because the saggy, swollen and baggy eyes are one of the biggest signs of aging skin. So, cooling eye masks are inexpensive and easy to find luxury that anyone can afford. And if you ask why it is so important? It’s because it can work magic against swollen, tired lids, and is the easiest skin care routine you should start today! Plus, it is super-trendy right now. And for those who are more into skin care, a jade roller does wonders on inflamed and puffy skin. It is created of cool stone that can help bring blood to the surface of the skin and it is created to stimulate the facial muscles for a refreshed, perfect-sleeper look.

Third, we will not miss out the proper diet in this article, too. So, when it comes to healthy food, an avocado a day will give shiny skin all the way. Avocados are delicious fruit filled with fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins and a skins best friend of all the fruits out there. Also, try to add this simple and easy habit to your daily skin care routine - drink apple cider vinegar with water as an elixir every morning. It has a lot of skin-clearing abilities and makes it look like your skin is glowing.